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Welcome to the MoyerMovies Blog where we’ll talk about the things we like and dislike in Entertainment!

You’ll find articles about movies, television, and music, but we’ll also talk about screenplays, apps, technology and more. We’ll tell you how to save money on these things too and will try to include the Deal of the Day over at Amazon.

While at Film School, a professor once said something so true: “Music is 50% of the film.” When relevant, we’ll include a Spotify playlist to go with the article.

Curious to see Eric’s work? Back to Ocean City is a collection of short stories and screenplays. My Little Trainwreck is a novelization of his screenplay. Both are FREE to download on Amazon!

There’s a family creative collaboration as well. Check out our Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial spoofs!

Did you see our YouTube series called Wilber the Cat?

Make sure to visit our sister site at: where you can read about crafts, recipes, fun and games and more!

And now, our Feature Presentation…

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