Check out these new titles coming to Amazon Prime in September

Amazon Prime in September is looking pretty good! There’s something new for everyone! At the bottom of this post, you’ll find the full list of new titles that Amazon lists on their website. However, there a quite a few that I found on my own, so always make sure to check their “Recently Added” section.

One of these titles that seemed to have slipped through (unless it was always there and I missed it) is Rodney Dangerfield’s 1983 comedy, Easy Money. 

Some other 80’s titles include: Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2, Sylvester Stallone’s arm wrestling movie Over the Top, Blame it on Rio, Rustler’s Rhapsody, Robin Williams’ The Survivors, Tom Hanks’ The Burbs, Charlie Sheen’s Men at Work, and Tom Selleck’s Runaway, also starring Gene Simmons from Kiss. If you really want to watch something mindless, check out Spring Break from Sean Cunningham, director of Friday the 13th. Also available is the John Hughes penned The Great Outdoors starring Dan Aykroyd and John Candy. 

Horror fans can enjoy the most recent Saw movie called Jigsaw, the original Amityville Horror, The Dark Half, and Pumpkinhead.

There are two Brian DePalma classics arriving. Blow Out and Dressed to Kill. Blow Out was filmed in Philadelphia and stars John Travolta. You must watch Blow Out! Crazy ending!

Film buffs will also find Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood, Jack Nicholson in Chinatown, the adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984, Hope and Glory and Bill Murray fans can finally watch his very serious film The Razor’s Edge.

Burt Reynolds fans can now watch Smokey and the Bandit and The Longest Yard. There is also a new Reynolds film that has been available for a few months that I highly recommend called The Last Movie Star directed by Adam Rifkin.

Family fare includes A Turtle’s Tale, Hotel for Dogs, Big Top Pee Wee and the Christmas movie Prancer.

Of course you have probably heard of the new Jack Ryan series that Amazon is promoting. Also available is the 1990 Alec Baldwin/Jack Ryan adventure The Hunt for Red October. 

Some other random new titles include Jerry Maguire, Sleepless in Seattle, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Mystic Pizza, Mr. Majestyk, Escape Plan 2 and Gringo.

On September 22, you can check out Hot Summer Nights starring Timothee Chalamet, for which I’ll be reviewing both the movie and the screenplay.

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Here is Amazon’s official list of everything coming to Prime in September. Please note this list is missing the titles listed above that I discovered on my own.

September 1
1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992)
A Field in England (2013)
A Good Woman (2006)
A Love Song for Bobby Long (2004)
A Murder of Crows (1999)
A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures (2010)
A Turtle’s Tale 2: Sammy’s Escape from Paradise (2012)
All You Can Eat Buddha (2017)
Bandits (2001)
Beowulf (2007)
Big Top Pee-wee (1988)
Blow Out (1981)
Bolero (1984)
Can’t Stand Losing You: Surviving the Police (2012)
Chinatown (1974)
Cool It (2010)
Double Impact (1991)
DragonHeart (1996)
Dressed to Kill (1980)
Fall Time (1993)
Fighting Temptations (2003)
Going Overboard (1989)
Gutland (2017)
Hard Rain (1998)
Harry and Paul’s History of the 2s (2014)
Harry Price: Ghost Hunter (2015)
Hotel for Dogs (2009)
House of D (2004)
Hustle & Flow (2005)
Ingenious (2009)
Joyride (1997)
Kill Me Again (1989)
Lea to the Rescue (2016)
Luk’Luk’I (2017)
Miami Vice (2006)
Over the Top (1987)
Paycheck (2003)
Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986)
Prancer (1989)
Primal Fear (1996)
Pumpkinhead (1988)
Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings (1994)
Resurrecting the Champ (2007)
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)
Roger Dodger (2002)
Rustlers’ Rhapsody (1985)
Senorita Justice (2004)
Small Town Saturday Night (2010)
Smokey and the Bandit (1977)
Stealth Fighter (1999)
The Amityville Horror (1979)
The Dark Half (1993)
The Eagle (2011)
The Great Outdoors (1988)
The Longest Yard (1974)
The Man Who Lost His Head (2007)
The Perfect Weapon (1991)
The Score (2001)
There Will Be Blood (2007)
Tonightly (2008)
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)
Asylum (Season 1)
The Blue Rose (Season 1)
The Broker’s Man (Season 1 & 2)
The Field of Blood (Season 1 & 2)
Golden (Season 1)
The Kevin Bishop Show (Season 2)
London Irish (Season 1)
The Palace (Season 1)
Parents (Season 1)
Rocket’s Island (Season 1-3)
Sam’s Game (Season 1)
Texas Rising (Season 1)
The Triangle (Season 1)
Trust (Season 1)
Westside (Season 1-3)
Wild at Heart (Season 1-8)
September 2
Future World (2018)
September 4
Beirut (2018)
Crescent (2017)
Strangers Prey at Night (2018)
September 6
Pistorius (2018)
September 7
Cesar Chavez (2014)
Pete the Cat (Prime Original, Season 1a)
Six Dreams (Prime Original, Season 1)
Wishenpoof (Prime Original, Season 2b)
September 8
From Paris with Love (2009)
Stronger (2017)
September 12
Grace Unplugged (2014)
September 14
High Fantasy (2017)
September 16
I Am Wrath (2016)
The Good Shepherd (2006)
September 20
Jugnu (1973)
This is Home: A Refugee Story (2018)
September 21
My Little Pony (2017)
September 22
For Colored Girls (2010)
Hot Summer Night (2018)
September 28
Hannah (2017)
Plonger (Diving) (2017)
September TBD
King Lear (Prime Original, Season 1)

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